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The payment of these fees is extremely difficult for many people and can cause great difficulty in trying get their lives back to normal,” Steve Harmon, Riverside defense attorney said. If somebody is released from jail and trying make a living for their family and their wages are garnished, they’re going way behind the eight ball.”

Harmon explained that Riverside County ordinance allows for convicted criminals to be held responsible for up to $25,000. Based on the individual’s assets and projected wages, a judge decides whether or not a convict can pay any portion or all of the incarceration fees. The incarceration reimbursement fees may also apply to parents of juveniles convicted.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Oldblood, who was against the adoption of an imprisonment fee in 2010, stated that there were too much obstacles. The administration of court hearings to determine the ability of a defendant to pay would add to overcrowded judicial schedules. He also stated that the Riverside County Jail Inmate Booking Search revenue collected would not be sufficient given the high unemployment rate and the inability for most inmates to pay.

Riverside County’s ordinance provides that the incarceration fee is collected by probation officers. It will also be enforced in civil actions. This means that anyone who fails to pay the fee won’t be sent back to jail. Instead, the county targets bank accounts, investments tax refunds, lottery wins, and assets such property, boats, RVs, and other assets. Wages will not be paid and liens placed on properties, businesses and homes will be applied.

With very little discussion, Tuesday’s Riverside County Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the incarceration fees. According to county counsel, there was little doubt that the fee would bring in “significant revenue increases” since most convicted criminals have no assets and are not employed. Stone said that even a modest revenue increase would not be enough to make a difference. Stone expressed little sympathy for criminals being charged a fee and said that financial hardship would help deter them from breaking the law.

Stone stated that accountability is the key to making a difference. Stone said, “It is all about accountability.”

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All inmates held at the St. Clair County Jail longer than 72 hours will automatically be classified and assigned to general population. Some exceptions may be allowed or required by exceptional circumstances. During the classification interview, an orientation will be given to the inmate. It will describe the purpose of this interview and the hours that the inmate can visit the St. Clair County Jail. The inmate will be able to ask any questions they may have about their rights and privileges. A discussion will also take place about the services and programs available to inmates at St. Clair County Jail. Each inmate will receive a copy and a cell assignment after the classification interview.

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