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Rules vary depending on your location. You’ll generally need to see a physician and be diagnosed with a medical condition your state approves for cannabis treatment. You might get an ID card. You can buy certain products in some places at an establishment called a dispensary.

More research is needed to determine the addictive potential of marijuana for those who take it for medical purposes. People who smoke marijuana for the high may develop substance abuse problems. Most people have a problem with dependence. You will experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit using a drug if you are dependent. You can’t live without it if you are addicted.

Cannabis has been used as a herbal remedy since centuries but there is little evidence to support its effectiveness. Before drawing conclusions, scientists prefer to conduct large-scale studies that include certain controls. However, much of the current research has not met these standards. The strength of the products varies and measuring doses is difficult, making it even harder to judge marijuana’s benefits.

Cannabis could help resolve issues with these powerful painkillers. Researchers found that prescriptions of this powerful painkiller fell in some states and there were fewer deaths from overdoses. Another study, however, found that marijuana use was linked to abuse of these narcotics. Before scientists can be sure, they need to gather more data.

Marijuana intimidates me. I can’t help but think of the high-school boys who tried to make me get into trouble, and the countless stoners who used to be my ex-boyfriends. One even made me drive him to an emergency room for being *too* drunk. Yeah, those were good times. Although many have suggested I try it to relieve my chronic insomnia I never felt comfortable using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

I am beginning to view the plant differently now that it is legal in Los Angeles. I was amazed at how easy it is to use the new industry. On the minimalist shelves of this store, you’ll find cannabis-based products like tinctures and balms as well as edibles. There are also plants that have been labeled to treat specific conditions (e.g. My insomnia is a good example.

Even though I have more access to cannabis products, I am still hesitant about trying them without a thorough understanding of the plant. What is 2.5mg of THC in grams? What will I experience? Will it be a pleasant relaxation or paranoia? To answer these and other burning questions, I’ve enlisted the help of some big names in the marijuana world. Sean Akhavan is the head researcher at MedMen; Jessica Asaf is The Cannabis Feminist, Jeff Chen directs UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative, and Hamp Atkinson MD co-directs the Center for Medical Cannabis Research, CMCR, at the University of San Diego. Share my knowledge if you live in an approved state.

Do you know that red wine can make you tired, but rose makes you feel as if you could go on all day with it? You would never do that, of course. It is similar. Cannabis of different types will affect the body and mind differently and therefore can be used in different ways. sleeping versus creating. Akhavan explains that there are “two major strains” of cannabis. Indica strains promote deep relaxation, and they are often used to relax after a hard day at work or just before going to bed. The energizing and euphoric properties of Sativa are well-known.

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