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Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the US. Smoking is number one. Unbelievably, over 95% of individuals who lose weight gain every pound back within 5 years.

There seems to be a fundamental flaw in how Americans go about their weight loss staying power. Determination and will power goes a long way in weight loss techniques, and needs to be a ubiquitous factor in success. However, there needs to be more to achieve long term success, and bio-identical hormones can help dramatically.

People say that obesity is an epidemic. Yes, it does represent a rampant problem, but an epidemic? Should it be in the same category as heart disease or other diseases like breast cancer? The answer is yes it should, and here is a scientific look at the problem.

When one cuts calories during a diet, it is not the “end all be all” success strategy. The assumption is that the body will start burning fat for its energy if it does not receive enough calories during the day, Leptitox Diet Supplement  but unfortunately what is more likely to happen is that the body burns muscle instead. The muscle is what allows the body to maintain stable body weight once the dieting is completed. If it has been burned up, that may lead to the individual gaining back substantial amounts of the weight.

In addition, while losing the weight, the body becomes more adept at storing fat in a self preservation mode, so once the diet is completed that may cause more weight to pack on than pre-diet.

It is well known that exercising has significant cardiovascular benefits and helps maintain bone density with weight bearing activities. However, as a sole factor in weight loss it is not the complete answer. One pound weight loss equals 3500 calories. That takes a lot of aerobic activity. Such as running 35 miles, which is more than a marathon!

There is significant debate about the role of cutting fat out of one’s diet. Fat does not stimulate insulin, whereas heavy carbohydrate foods do. Insulin, interestingly enough, leads to further fat creation. So a certain amount of fat in the diet is not an enemy.

In the largest study performed in the country to date looking at heart disease, the Framingham Heart Study, those who ate the most saturated fat weighed the least. Those individuals had the lowest cholesterol levels and the lowest incident of coronary artery disease.

There is a lot more science to obesity than simply having physicians say “Eat less and exercise more.” Injecting science into a weight loss program will allow people to diet smarter and not just relying on determination, will power, and the older techniques that are looking like myths.

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