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I have a little secret for you if you plan to visit Morocco shortly. This crazy land is more than just a romantic Instagram playground with patterned dishes, blue walls, and glam selfies of camels. It can be a challenging and magical experience if you don’t research correctly. Many travelers have said that they didn’t like their trips to Morocco in the past because it “didn’t live up to their expectations.”

Morocco can be difficult to navigate, mainly if you don’t do your homework before going. My two trips to Morocco have led me to make several foolish assumptions and mistakes. I hope that you will not fall into these same traps. I hope to provide some practical information to help you plan a trip to Morocco with more realistic goals. Travel to Morocco with these helpful tips in mind!

First, let’s address the question of where to stay morocco desert tours from Casablanca. Morocco offers a variety of accommodations, including hotels, hostels, and gorgeous riads. If you want to find the right fit, I recommend using HotelsCombined. It is a fantastic free site to search prices on multiple areas such as Expedia and Booking. You can compare prices from various locations simultaneously to get the best price.

I don’t like geography, especially in places I’ve not been to. This is the biggest mistake I see: many people (including myself) incorrectly believe Morocco has a small area and that the most popular Instagram spots are close. You should know that Morocco is a vast country.

You might think you can see the entire country on a single journey, but I would advise against it unless much time is available. Spend less time traveling from one location to another and focus on a specific country area. I am glad I didn’t try to see everything in one trip. I would have had to brave the night trains and long commutes and risk my life.

When you visit Morocco, you will quickly discover how widespread French is. You will also find many English speakers in big cities, but most are more comfortable with French. They’ll be much nicer to you if you speak French. The number of times a shopkeeper or cab driver immediately turned up the excellent meters when I whipped out my old French is beyond me.

It’s essential to learn some travel terminology. For example, you can ask, “How much is this going to cost” or “How am I getting to _____,” which will significantly help. If you want to be prepared, buy a phrasebook. They’re inexpensive – less than $10. Here are some for Moroccan Arabic and French. You should also be careful not to walk alone at night, especially as a woman traveling alone. Being alone in quiet areas like the souks after dark is very unsettling. It can be not comforting. I would not recommend walking alone in quiet places such as the souks at night.

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