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NFP simply means fertility awareness. There are many methods you can use to learn more about your fertility. It also teaches you how your body interprets your natural signals and helps you decide which days of the month are most likely for you to become pregnant. Fertility awareness is key to natural family planning. Your body experiences many changes during your monthly cycle. To make NFP work, you must be aware of how your body functions so that you can determine when you are most fertile and when you are ovulating.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), gum disease gingivitis is more common during pregnancy. This could be due to hormonal changes that can affect the way your gum tissue reacts to bacteria. Preterm births and preeclampsia are more likely to occur if you don’t treat gum adr meaning disease in pregnancy. You should also make sure you have all necessary work done (such as fillings, X-rays and dental surgery) while you are there. This will prevent it from being required during pregnancy. This is the most important step! You’re probably excited about becoming pregnant, and likely a little stressed. Stress can hinder your chances of conceiving. Relaxation exercises (yoga counts!) are the solution. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety in your day.

You may know some basics about how to get pregnant but it’s smart to have all the information you need when trying to conceive. Your goals of having a healthy baby and getting pregnant are possible if you consider your age and monitor your health. This method involves using a thermometer to determine your baseline temperature each morning you wake up. Your fertility pattern should become clearer after you have logged your readings for several months. This will help you decide when you should have sex.

Your cervical mucus’s color and thickness can help you determine what is happening to your body. You should “dry days” after your period is over. This means you will not have any cervical mucus. This is a time when you are unlikely to become pregnant. As you get closer to the time when you will ovulate, more mucus is produced. It is usually cloudy or whitish and sticky. If you don’t wish to get pregnant, it is best to abstain or use backup contraception. The most mucus should be visible right before you ovulate. It’s usually clear and slippery and spreads easily on your fingers. You are at your most fertile. To avoid becoming pregnant, you might want to use a condom or sponge if you are having sex at this point.

Your basal body temperature will be between 96-98 degrees before you ovulate. When you ovulate, it will increase a little (typically less that one degree). You will need a basal body thermometer to measure temperature variations that are small. After a few months, your basal temperature will give you a better idea about when you will become fertile. You are more likely to get pregnant if your temperature rises two to three days before you become pregnant. If you wait until your temperature drops, it will be one day later. Your chances of becoming pregnant drop significantly if your temperature is higher than normal for at least three consecutive days.

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