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Laravel is a growing community that has many resources. That’s great! It’s great! But how do we choose the best one? Which will make the most of your time? These are some of the most common questions that people ask about Laravel.

These tips are not specific to Laravel. Some will also be applicable to learning other programming languages or frameworks. Let’s get started. Laravel documentation should be the first thing that newcomers see. They are wonderful, I won’t lie. There’s a expectation that laravel localization you have some knowledge of PHP and modern tools.

One example is that the first section of documentation is “Install”, it’s not just “Download & Install.” You also need to learn how to use Composer, how to use the command line, run commands, and how web servers work. This brings me to my second tip. It may sound absurd, but more people are trying to learn Laravel while not learning PHP. The same trend can be seen in those who learn JavaScript and then try to use jQuery. You should stop fooling yourself and get to the basics.

PHP knowledge is essential to start learning modern PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel and Symfony. It is especially important to master object-oriented programming. All modern PHP frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, or others) are written in OOP mode. This means that you must be fluent with classes, objects and properties. Once you have an understanding of PHP, it will be easier to use Laravel’s internal functions.

Composer was also an important tool in PHP development. Composer knowledge will enable you to effectively use Laravel dependencies which are a critical part of modern PHP programming. This is probably the most important query: What is the best way to learn PHP? It is up to each person. Some people are better at reading than others. Other prefer videos. And that’s OK! Consider which is more convenient for your needs?

Information you wish to consume must be structured properly. You can’t simply take random YouTube videos or articles. That won’t produce the desired result. You need to be able to follow the author’s instructions step by step. Without this, you could lose your focus and be unable to grasp the rest of the lessons.

This is by the way the key difference between premium and paid online lessons. There is plenty of free information on the internet that can teach you programming. While this may be true in part, it will mean that you’ll have to spend lots of time trying pieces together. Paid courses or books can be a great option because you get the information in a simple format that saves you time and doesn’t require you to search. Programming without writing code is impossible. You shouldn’t spend too many hours reading books or watching videos. Get started with coding as soon and as quickly as possible. In fact, you should immediately start practicing after you’ve finished each lesson.

A test project is something I recommend you do during your learning process. It helps make the process more realistic and motivates. It can be emotionally difficult to continue learning the theory without a clear goal. Even if you write only code, there will be obstacles to overcome and questions to answer. Learning from your mistakes and learning from them will help you grow as an engineer and improve your knowledge.

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