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If La Graciosa island in the Canary archipelago calls us to do something, it’s to explore its surroundings and enjoy its landscapes. In a previous post, I explained how to travel to Playa de las Conchas along the coast. Today, we’ll continue following the route until we reach Montana Amarilla beach. It is perhaps the most beautiful of all the Canary Islands beaches. We started early because we didn’t want the route to the south to be too difficult.

We set off towards Montana Bermeja around 10 o’clock. This time, we used the services of a transport company. The only way to travel around the island is by foot, 4×4, or bicycle. Archipelago Chinijo provided this unbeatable service from the gentleman who took us to the bermeja island beginning of the route. We stayed there until sunset with him without any difficulty.

We begin our climb to the top of the mountain when we reach Playa de las Conchas. The path is short and increases in intensity as we travel through it. It is nearly the top because of the elevation change. Also, the ground is primarily volcanic gravel so you may slip.

It takes less than 30 minutes to ascend. Still, it is worth it because you can see the whole Chinijo Archipelago, La Graciosa, Riscos de Famara, Corona Volcano, and more from Lancelot. There are also small statues at its top. You can also see a small box where you can write your best wishes. We descend from Montana Bermeja and prepare to embark on the route leading us through the plains and coast to Montana Amarilla. We started walking after refueling and shielding ourselves from the sun. This coast is easy to follow, and you can spot the many changes in the landscape.

Baja del Ganado is the first point we passed. It’s a small, white-sand beach that offers shelter and bathing areas. We continue to the coast of Graciosera to reach our destination. Baja del Ganado is gone, but we notice a change in the beach, with low and volcanic cliffs. We suspected that we would find more natural pools or tide pools.

Exactly! The first one was obvious. We continued to see puddles and “virgin” pools that allowed us to relax. After passing the Caleta del Burro and a few other places, we decided to take a more pedestrian-friendly path. This trail took us through Montana Amarilla’s central plains. There were some ups as well as downs. The incredible thing was seeing the stunning landscape from various points.

Finally, after three hours of walking along La Graciosa’s north coast, we reach Montana Amarilla. It is a volcanic cone that has a unique color. You will find the beach right before you, where you can rest, cool down and even snorkel to view the abundant marine life. 1978 Treaty established an equal point between the United States Isles Dernieres Islands (USA) and Mexico’s Alacranes Islands (Mexico) to create the offshore boundary between these two countries in the Gulf of Mexico.

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