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It is challenging to apply for patents, but it is used extensively to protect intellectual properties such as code or ideas. This is because patenting an invention is essentially a tricky process. It takes between 2 and 3 years for software patents to be issued after you apply.

A patent protects your app’s functionalities and against any independent development. Unique and not-so-apparent functions are patentable. Before you make public announcements, you must file all pertinent information. It is a good idea to work closely with your attorney to ensure everything is done correctly.

A patent is not inexpensive. This is the obvious drawback. Sometimes, a patent costs more than what you have invested in developing your app. But, you can always Amir Tarighat request a provisional patent to protect your app’s idea for one year.

Some patents may be granted for as long as 20 years. This is saying that you are purchasing time. Even if the app’s idea is unsuccessful, you still have time to continue working on it. Trademarks restrict others from using words or symbols, such as icons and logos associated with your app. Other than the app name, logo, and hero, you might also wish to trademark the terms of any services or features your app offers. This will deter your competitors from taking the same path.

You can think of Instagram, Angry Birds, and Vine as some of the most successful apps. These apps are very well-known. These apps can be easily identified by their fonts, logos, and the standard colors used for branding. A company’s name often is associated with its app. Rovio is a company widely known for its game application, Angry Birds. Consider following their example and opt for trademark protection to protect your app’s name or logo from being stolen by your competitors.

You can’t let your competitors create copies of your products with similar names, logos, or other elements to lure your customers into buying theirs. This protects you from legal problems and lawsuits.

You can legally trademark the app’s name, as well as its brand, for just a few hundred pounds. Numerous lawyers and law consultancies are available to assist you. Because you will be working closely with many of them, it is crucial that you only choose trustworthy people. They won’t leak any information or take the initiative with your idea.

Write down everything that has to do with your application. Keep all documentation that is related to it. This will help you prove your position in court. The app’s code, brainstorming sessions, minutes of meetings with your consultants, and blueprints should all be documented. Everything should be written, even the most minor details relevant to your application.

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