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It’s no longer a quirky question. Astrology has been accepted as a mainstream discipline, and we now routinely check astrology apps. This makes it easy to wonder, “What’s the deal?” What can we learn about the cosmos by connecting with it and understanding our birth charts? I will provide some basic information for those who are Astro-curious. We are on a planet. Space. With many other planets, stars, and celestial entities. Wild! Human nature is to seek understanding and position ourselves in this galactic conversation.

Astrology and astronomy were closely intertwined up until the 18th Century. The rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars provided a guideline for earthly life. It’s easy for us to forget Žinios the original lights, the planets, principals, and luminaries (sun, moon) with artificial light. We can still use this ancient art of communication to connect with the universe and ourselves. Astrology has many schools of thought. They all believe that the sky is a mirror of life on Earth. Understanding ourselves and our place within the universe can be helped by planets’ and stars’ movements and positions.

Astrology can also be a language that provides perspective, clarity, and imagination, as well as new insights into our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It can be a great way to understand and enjoy the joy of putting our lives into planetary context and language. Astrology gives us a new perspective that allows us to re-imagine (and maybe re-enchant) our daily lives.

Astrology is most effective when it connects with the cosmos and oneself. Many people are seeking ways to feel a kinship with higher-than-us forces in these fast-paced, highly charged times. Astrology is becoming more popular. However, fearmongering and myths about it are also increasing. Let’s now talk about what astrology doesn’t mean. Astrology isn’t a belief system. It is also not something to be scared of.

Astrology is simply a method of looking at the world and putting ourselves in a larger cosmic conversation. Astrology’s wisdom is not a belief system. For example, Pluto’s passage through your house of relationships won’t cause any drama with your loved one. It’s all about synchronicity, mirroring, and looking up to these astral entities for a better picture and a sense of cosmic dialogue.

A birth chart, also known as a natal or astrological chart, is a picture of the sky starting at the moment you touched down on Earth. It shows the positions of planets in the astrological signs and houses based on your birthplace.

It also shows these planets’ conversations with one another (aspects). Aspects can be described as lines of sight that connect the worlds. These lines determine how they interact with each other’s energies. Consider the energetic difference between standing across the room and looking someone in the eye instead of standing next to them. This is how planets interact.

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