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How to defend against such a technique?

In fact – no way. You cannot stop the player from taking such a step. The best all-in response is to fold all hands except truly monsters. But also the size of the stack, the game of your opponent, the stage of the tournament and other factors should influence your decision.

What is it?

Overbet is usually defined as a bet that is larger 먹튀검증업체 the bank. An overbet on the river for the purpose of doing well is more often used in cash games than in tournaments, since the stacks are usually deeper and there is no fear due to departure from the game.

Why has it become popular?

Just two words: Tom Dwan. This trick can be seen in his game constantly on shows like High Stakes Poker. We all want to be as successful as durrrr, so we try to play in his style. The main thing in such an overbet is that it must be used against the right opponents and in suitable situations. It would be most correct to apply such tactics against a player who plays a check-call with you.

The ideal situation for an overbet on the river is when you are sure that the opponent has a very strong hand (the second nut after yours), because he will almost certainly not be able to throw it off.Also, for some opponents the river overbet will look very suspicious, and they will decide that you are bluffing and calling.

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You need to be quite brave to overbet a river with a monster, because you want to get at least something from your opponent, and there is a chance to frighten him away. But the benefit in the case of his call is very great.

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