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This is an option if your periods don’t interfere with your everyday life. It is possible to be assured that your heavy periods are not caused by anything serious and that you can live with them. A blood test can detect anaemia. Anaemia can be corrected with iron tablets.

The LNG-IUS treatment is very effective. The LNG-IUS therapy is very similar to an IUCD or coil. The LNG-IUS is placed into the uterus and slowly releases a small amount of progestogen hormone, levonorgestrel. Although the amount of hormone released daily is small, it is sufficient to work within the womb. Most women experience decreased bleeding within 3 to 6 months after starting the 經血過多 treatment. Period pain can also be reduced. The LNG-IUS works by making the lining in the womb very thin.

LNG-IUS is a practical, long-lasting treatment. The majority of devices can last five years. However, the device is removable at any time. Jaydess(r) is a variant that only lasts three years. You can use it for contraception but not to treat heavy periods. It is smaller and more manageable than other LNG-IUS types, so you might consider this option if you don’t have children.

Because it is a reliable method of contraception, LNG-IUS can be particularly helpful for long-term contraception. It isn’t usually recommended if you don’t need long-term contraception (for at least one year). If the LNG-IUS isn’t suitable or desired, tranexamic acid tablets can be used. Tranexamic acid can reduce bleeding almost by half in most cases.

The number of days you experience bleeding is not decreased, nor is the frequency of your period pain. For each period, you must take the tablet three to four times daily for 3-5 days. Tranexamic acids work by decreasing the number of blood clots within the womb. It strengthens blood clots within the womb which results in less bleeding. Side effects are rare, but they can cause an upset stomach.

There are many brands and types. Many are only available on prescription, but you can purchase a brand called ibuprofen at pharmacies. Other medications, such as naproxen or mefenamic acids, may be prescribed by your doctor. In most cases, these medicines decrease blood loss by around 25%. They can also reduce period pain. The tablets should be taken for a few days each period. They reduce the amount of prostaglandin found in the linings of the womb. This chemical is thought to cause heavy periods and pain during periods. They do not decrease the duration of the period.

Side effects can occur in some people and include upset stomach. You should not take any medication if you have had a stomach or duodenal ulcer. Women often take anti-inflammatory painkillers and tranexamic acid tablets over days. They work in different ways. Combining pills can be very effective for women with heavy periods.

Norethisterone (progestogen medicine) is a hormone. It is not often used to treat heavy periods. Sometimes, it is considered when other treatments fail or are unsuitable. Norethisterone can be taken on days 5-26 during your menstrual cycle. Day 1 is the beginning of your period. This is not a contraceptive.

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