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You can squeeze in some study time in the morning before your afternoon lectures. It will help you enjoy your student life, whether wild parties or 10-hour Netflix marathons. You can also start with the things you are most unhappy about if you have a long day of studying ahead.

Getting things done in the morning allows you to think clearly and is less likely for others to distract you. Research shows that mornings are more productive than evenings. If you delay, you will be less motivated to finish a task. The million different things competing for your attention and winning make it difficult for students these days. It can be tempting to scroll Through productivity apps for students through your Instagram, check the news, or visit Reddit while you study. It’s easy to become distracted by what you should be doing. What started as a glance quickly becomes an extended affair. Before you know it, you’re on page 54 of your favorite meme website before you know it.

If you’re like me, however, you can still procrastinate. For example, you were cleaning your home, organizing furniture, and doing any other chore you wanted. The good thing about this type of procrastination is that? It’s limited. It will make you feel more confident about yourself if your house is clean, instead of wasting time surfing the internet. Deep work is necessary when you are studying. You have to get into the zone and concentrate during these times. It is essential to minimize distractions, such as your ringtone. You can also help by listening to video games.

This is because of the dopamine released by music and the unobtrusive drive video game soundtracks create. Videogame music is a great companion to study sessions, as it helps you stay focused on your tasks without distracting them.

However, not all soundtracks can be described as equal. The soundtracks for social simulation games like Animal Crossing are often too slow and melancholy. Puzzle games such as Portal and Half-life are a better fit for studying. They encourage you to finish tasks. Metal Gear Solid and Skyrim are great adventure games that inspire even the most sleepy student.

Using these productivity apps for students, you’ll never miss a deadline and stay on top of your study schedule. They can be used simultaneously or combined to create the most effective combination for you. These methods will help you to get started, which is usually the most challenging part of studying.

These aren’t just for studying. You can use these techniques to boost productivity or combat procrastination in your personal and professional lives. Yes, students, you will still have to deal with similar productivity issues even after you graduate. Start developing good habits now, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards for years.

DeskTime can be a huge help. It allows you to track your time, determine how productive it is, set break times and plan your time. This can help boost your productivity.

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