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Texas Hold ’em is the most popular type of poker. To start playing Texas Hold ’em, you need to learn simple rules. As in and for other kinds of poker, the game begins with landing at the table. The number of players behind it can be different, from two to ten participants, and you can choose any free space.

In poker, the positions of the players at the table Agen Judi Parlay Terpercaya clockwise. To avoid confusion, a particular marker is used called “Button” or “Dealer” – this is the nominal position both in online poker and in the casino, it is used for subsequent determination of the views of players at the table. It moves each hand to the next player, clockwise.

Actions at the table

All distributions in poker begin with mandatory bets. Before the cards are dealt, two players who are to the left of the button must bet the small and big blinds.

Then each player receives two cards face down from this mOmenta, and the game begins. In Hold ’em, as in most other types of poker, a player can do several different things:

CHECK – if there are no bets in the current round, the player can check. In this case, the movie proceeds to the next active player sitting on the left. A check does not mean a refusal to fight for a bank; it is only a refusal to bet on the current round.

FOLD – refusal to continue the fight for the bank in response to a bet (bet) or raise from an opponent. In this case, the player’s cards exit the game. The fold player can no longer bet and participate in the current hand.

BET – if there are no bets in the current round, the player can bet (chance). In this case, he sets the price for the continuation of the game. Players sitting behind him can throw cards (fold), call a bet (call), or raise (raise).

Circles of Commerce (Streets)

The players undertake all these actions in Hold ’em within each of the four rounds of betting or, as they are also called, four “streets”:

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