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Many altcoins have fallen in the past 24 hours, as the Bitcoin market struggles to regain $20,000. Due to the Fourth of July holiday, there has been an increase in volatility since the beginning of the week. In addition to this, investors are kept at bay by increasing macro-economic uncertainties. This makes TONIC price prediction very difficult.

According to Tectonic crypto news platform, users of the platform can now track their position via Zapper Finance dashboard. The protocol has lost $2million in TVL over the past week, according to the official stats. The current Tectonic TVL value is $454million, which is $456million last week. This is due to the decrease in TONIC crypto over this time. The TONIC coin’s technical analysis shows that the price traded in the 20% range for more than one month. The cryptocurrency is currently at 92% of its ATH level. This suggests that it is in a bearish accumulation phase. The main reason for this sell-off is the ongoing Bitcoin slump that has dried up market liquidity.

However, TONIC’s price prediction may change to bullish if it breaks out of the range. If this happens, the price of TONIC could increase three-fold in the short-term to the area. This target is consistent with the 0.382 fib level connecting the March high and the June low.

It’s also important to mention that the TONIC currency usually follows the Bitcoin price action. This could mean that Tectonic might experience another bearish leg after Bitcoin’s new low. In order to avoid this, keep your stop-loss in the event of acceptance lower than $0.00000015. The crypto industry is rapidly growing and boasts more than 17,000 projects. There are many others emerging daily. One of the latest blockchain projects is Tectonic, which has potential in the digital economy. Traders, investors and others are already questioning the reliability of the network Tectonic. We try to answer their questions.

What’s in store for TONIC? Tectonic is an open-source cross-chain money market that allows users to generate passive yields from their Cosmos or Ethereum-based assets. It also gives them access to instant cryptobacked loans. Their DeFi wallets were “reorganized” according to some complaints. However, it’s all good as DeFi and staking so long as there’s a payment. We have heard that Tectonic’s community is small and easily manipulable to force them to support the project. The community score of a new project will rise if it doesn’t have an active community. We don’t buy into that, but will rely upon data as we get it from resources.

Tectonic is an algorithmic, non-custodial, decentralized money market protocol. It allows users to instantly borrow liquidity as liquidity borrowers and earn passive income by supplying assets. The architecture of the Tectonic Protocol is based upon the Cronos Blockchain Technology, which makes it interoperable to the ATOM or ETH blockchains. The Tectonic platform, which was launched in late 2021 shares many similarities to popular Decentralized Financing (DeFi) platforms.

The Tectonic protocol aims provide seamless and secure digital money market functionality to users. Tectonic users have the ability to borrow liquidity from the market, provided they provide collateral equal or greater than the loan asset. They can also offer liquidity to generate passive earnings. The market dictates the dynamic rates at which Tectonic liquidity providers calculate returns on assets deposited.

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