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Once you’ve established contact, due diligence is paramount. Do you believe the person you are talking to is real? You can check their LinkedIn profile. This is one of few social media platforms that’s allowed in China. A verified profile is essential for any salesperson or business developer who deals with international clients. You should also check the website of your company. Does it look professional? Is it a one-page brochure for a free web hosting site? Be careful not to be seduced by badges that claim you are “trusted” or accredited. These badges can be purchased easily or copied from another source. Does the company have a registered business address? Google the name of the company to find out any information, good or not, about it.

Next, connect with them via Skype. Ask them to show your products via the webcam if they aren’t dealing in industrial power generators. You can keep the conversation going on WeChat (a popular Chinese chat app and social media platform). You can tell if they are trustworthy Best China Sourcing Agent by their tone and how you feel about them. Your best option is to visit suppliers’ offices and factories in person at trade shows. Face-to-face interactions can accomplish so much more quickly than a series of emails or phone calls at the office.

The Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair. Also known as the China Import and Export Fair, it is also China’s biggest. It is held twice per year in Guangzhou. It has everything you need under one roof: electronics, automobiles and consumer goods, gifts, clothing, medicine, and even medical equipment. Other regional trade fairs are available that concentrate on certain categories such as gifts and consumer goods. These trade fairs are typically cheaper and have smaller suppliers who may be able to accept smaller orders. has all the information you need about upcoming trade shows.

Be aware that not all trade show participants are manufacturers. Some of the participants at trade shows are trading companies, which is a mix of wholesalers and retailers. Although prices are generally higher for trading companies, they will usually accept a lower minimum order quantity. However, prices tend to be lower when dealing directly with manufacturers. They will require a MOQ commitment.

The Opportunity Cost of Not Visiting Suppliers

You say that you don’t have the time to travel to China. I also need to take little Natalie to her next week’s dental checkup. It’s your business, so you must take the time to find reliable suppliers who will supply goods that you can sell and keep you in business.

Although there may be Chinese trade shows in your country, their frequency and number will likely be much lower than the number of suppliers. If you choose to settle for a smaller market, it may not give you a full view of all the products available. If you limit your business efforts to emailing, calling, or chatting online, you may not find success. Face-to-face communication is important. Don’t forget, your competition is in China if you aren’t there yet!

You won’t book the next flight just to meet one supplier. You’ll want to time your business trip so that it coincides with major trade shows in Hong Kong, before heading to Shenzhen to meet some suppliers. You might also want to spend a week at The Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

You’ll also need to brush up your geography skills. China is roughly the same size as America. The flying distance between Shenzhen, Shanghai, and San Francisco, Arizona, which are two major players in the Chinese economy, is equal to the distance between San Francisco, Arizona, and Tucson, Arizona is approximately the same. Don’t think about taking a cross-country road trip. Before you move on to the next city, make sure to plan your meetings and visit around each city.

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