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There are other ways of getting into the growing trades industry. While apprenticeships are a great way to gain skilled jobs, they are not the only option. Others begin as workers at PeopleReady, while others earn a certification at a community college or technical school. There is no right way or wrong to start in this industry

As you progress in your trade, you will need to continue to grow and obtain additional certifications. Technical schools and community colleges are often the route to certification if you decide on that path. If you decide to take the apprenticeship path, keep in mind the next steps for your career.

To become a Journeyman, you will need to complete four years of training, depending on the trade. You can apply for this level and then take the exam. You’ve finished your apprenticeship skilled trades and are now able to work independently, without supervision. Did we mention the pay increase? Wow!

The next step is to be a master after you have been a journeyman for seven or eight year. It’s worth noting that some states and trades offer a certification at the master level. The certification will be awarded to those who have completed additional training in the classroom and passed a second test. Although there are some extra steps involved, the rewards can be substantial. You’ll be at the highest level of your profession as a master’s-level worker. This means you will also get a pay raise, enjoy new benefits, and sometimes even have the chance to take on new roles and responsibilities.

One of the most effective ways to achieve a rewarding and lucrative career is by learning a new trade. There are many trades in different industries that may appeal to you. You can choose the right trade for yourself by examining all the options. This article will explain what a trade is and list some of the popular ones across different industries.

The trades require a variety of highly-specialized skills. Trade professionals often attend vocational schools or trade colleges to gain specialized training in the field they choose. Other popular ways to learn a trade include apprenticeships and on the job training.

There are many different trades in a wide range of industries. A professional may choose a profession that appeals to them in order to enjoy a rewarding career both professionally and financially. Knowing the top reasons for pursuing a trade career can help determine whether it is the right choice for you. Top benefits to learning a new trade include

Trade professionals often start their career without having to take on a lot of student debt. Trade professionals who choose to attend a cheaper trade school and/or enter a career straight out of high-school can save significant amounts of money when compared with those pursuing careers that require a college degree.

Not attending college or university has other financial benefits. Many trades permit workers to start immediately after high school, or following a short-term trade training program. It allows professionals in trades to earn full-time income at an early age, while their peers still attend school.

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