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A wedding guestbook is an opportunity to share parts of your wonderful love story. Make a photobook with photos of your relationship and special quotes. Or, you can include a few stories for guests to add to the pages. One option is to simply include a blurb on one page about how you met your partner. Next to the photo, you can also add a well-wishes message to the rest of your guestbook. Some guests might add photos to all or some pages. It might be a good idea to include stories about your courtship, your memories of each other, and romantic quotes. Create a fun wedding guest book. It will celebrate your love relationship, while also providing a place for guests to join you in celebrations and offer well-wishes.

Your wedding guestbook will be a treasured and sentimental memento of your special day. Choose from one of our many book styles or design your own. While the “vintage style” of wedding guest books features gorgeous, patterned backgrounds in muted tones, pen-drawn strokes Rustic Wedding Guest Book Alternative or antique typography, as well as intricate filigrees and pen-drawn strokes, our “elegant style” book style allows for a wealth of garlands, gold and silver detailing. The “classic”, and “rustic,” book styles provide a wide range of options. Our three “modern” book styles feature black, white,, and grey backgrounds. They are complemented by magazine-style layouts that use bold, sans-serif fonts. Your wedding guest books can have a personalized look to suit your unique style and love story.

If you’re a couple who is about to spend the rest their lives together, you should have a wedding book that showcases you at your best. If you love to travel together and enjoy amazing adventures, you can incorporate this into your guestbook by adding fun, whimsical and scenic photos from your trips and play. These easy-to use page templates give you almost limitless options to present your photos or your love story. They allow you to arrange your wedding guest books pages and photos in a creative way, big and small, and still leave enough space for your guests to leave messages and memories. Make a scrapbook of happy memories with photo scrapbook templates that go beyond the traditional guest book format. You and your guests will shine with this creative book.

A wedding guestbook is a way to honor the special bond between your partner and your closest friends. It will be something that you will look back fondly on for years. Choose from a size that fits on any shelf, such as 8×8″, or 8×11″, or one of our square sizes, 10×10″, 12×12″, for unique shapes. These books allow you to include larger photographs and also give you more space for your guests to leave messages, blessings or fond memories. The 11×14″ dimension will appeal to those with larger weddings. This size allows for wider and more emotional photos, as well as ample space for your guests to write their love notes.

Although the classic wedding guestbook has traditional binding and paper pages, you don’t need to be boring! There are plenty of reasons why you should ditch the traditional guestbook.

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