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For most people, it is a sensory shock to have to endure an Orange County jail sentence. The 3-12 hour period immediately following an arrest is often the most painful. It strips away everything that modern life has to offer. No personal phone, open Internet access, no cable TV, or music, no remote control to surf the Internet, privacy, or decisions (what to eat and when to go to bed) are orange county jail available to you because it is all done for you by someone else. It’s okay to laugh – a corporate executive is paying for the same “retreat” experience. However, it is not by choice. They are also able to interact with other people and have better food choices if they want to scale Mt. Everest (cups of noodles at 17,000ft). But what if your family is unable to pay the bail option?

Perhaps your friends and family decide to let you ride it out, hoping for an abrupt detox. The sentence will be sent to you immediately after your arraignment. You will be assigned to one of the three long-term Orange County facilities. It can last anywhere from 30-60 days to 90 days. Because you will be able to have as little as possible of each, even in the most dangerous of jail settings, you will gain a new understanding of “life liberty and the pursuit for happiness”.

You are a number. At booking and intake, you must be identified. Based on your prescription information, all medication needs can be fulfilled by the clinics located in each of the Orange County jails. They will either accept your medical alert card or tag, or arrange to contact your physician to order the necessary medication. When you are in the system to serve a sentence, you can update your records and get notarized copies of any relevant medical records. All medications are administered and received at the dispensary. Prescription glasses or reading glasses can be kept provided that they are not in metal frames. If approved, glasses can be dropped off at the jail’s bond window or sent by mail. The filing of cases is not allowed.

Contact lenses must be sent to the jail from the supplier (just like mail shipments), with the inmate’s name and booking numbers. You can find cleaning solution in the commissary catalogue. Following an infirmary visit (aspirin and cough drops), single doses of over-the–counter medication can be dispensed as necessary. Please indicate any special diets you may have at the time of booking or your arrival at the sentenced facility. You may choose to specify any religious-based diet (Kosher. Islamic. Hindu. or Buddhist) or medically-prescribed diet (gluten free, glycemic). But not a trendy diet (paleo. all pizza. or lactosoval vegetarian).

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