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Smart consumer is always after promotions and discounts before purchasing a service. Whether at home or even at work, the so-called bargain is part of buying and selling relationships between individuals.

Developed by the Cruzeiro Cinco Club with its partner Energea, Cruzeiro Energia has farms for photovoltaic power generation through solar panels. This charge is injected into your city’s transmission network – such as CEMIG’s – and you receive credits to your regular utility bill, which now has discounts of up to 15%.


Registration is very easy and the best: FREE! The consumer must make their registration on the site . In this record, the user must enter the electricity bill of his home or business for evaluation.

With the approved registration, part of the energy from your home or institution will come from the Cruzeiro Energia plant, derived from a clean and renewable source: the sun. Consumers do not need to install any equipment or make investments.

For the registration to be successfully completed, the consumer must be a customer of CEMIG, have a electricity bill with a monthly consumption of at least 250 kWh and, in addition, cheer for Cruzeiro!


What are the advantages of participating in Cruzeiro Energia?

In addition to helping Cruzeiro become stronger and stronger, consumers will save up to 15% on their current electricity bill through CEMIG’s energy credit clearing process.

How will I know that I fit the requirements of Cruzeiro Energia?

If your registration is approved, you will receive an email containing notification of the completion of the process.

How will my relationship with the power distributor after joining?

CEMIG remains responsible for the distribution of energy. Cruzeiro Energia inserts the load generated on the solar farm in CEMIG’s grid. You will also remain a CEMIG customer.

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