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With its enchanting tea plantations beautiful bright-eyed smiles from people who live there, and an astonishingly varied scenery, Sri Lanka has been my dream destination over the past several years.

After spending almost a month exploring the country and with two weeks being in our Tuk-tuk across many of the stunning areas you could imagine, it’s easy to conclude this: Sri Lanka has easily become one of our most favorite destinations. Why? With its endless coastlines, stunning mountain views and wildlife species, picturesque train rides, and warm people, it’s really difficult to not get surfing Sri Lanka swept away by this place.

Sri Lanka uses 230V/50Hz and has two kinds of plug sockets commonly employed. One socket has three round pins that form triangular pattern, while the other one has three rectangular pins that form the triangular pattern. To avoid needing to purchase new adapters every time that you travel, suggest buying an Universal Travel Adaptor before you depart.

The majority of nationals who travel to Sri Lanka have to get an electronic visa prior to their visit. It is easy to obtain on the official website of Sri Lanka and typically completed in a matter of minutes. A visa that is electronically issued that is valid for Sri Lanka allows you to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days.

Residents of in the Maldives, Singapore, and Seychelles are not required to get an ETA. The cost is based on the country you’re from, but generally speaking it could cost between $30 and $35. Despite enduring a gruelling 25-year civil war Sri Lankan people are very tranquil and have only a few criminal acts committed against foreigners. However it is still recommended to be vigilant particularly when taking public transportation late in the evening. Dengue Fever is slowly becoming an epidemic, particularly in large cities such as Colombo which is why you should apply mosquito repellents in a large amount.

Based on our many years of experiences of travelling around the globe, we’d never leave without insurance. We recommend using World Nomads mainly because of their comprehensive coverage for activities. An affordable option to consider can be Safety Wing.

Sinhala as well as Tamil both are two most popular languages spoken in Sri Lanka. Sinhala is spoken by the majority (about 70 percent of the people) and Tamil is mostly spoken throughout parts of the Northern and Eastern portion of Sri Lanka. Though the majority of people spoke casual English however, in the remote areas that we visited and encountered difficulties communication. But, as we said, smiles are universal, and Sri Lankans are more than gladly assist you in playing charades in the event of need.

The life In Sri Lanka is laid-back. Relax and avoid filling your day with too many things to do. There are numerous activities to take part in and gorgeous locations to explore however, just as important is to be immersed by the laid-back rhythm of life in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka carries so much historical significance that it’s worthwhile getting to know the basics prior to going. In particular, it is important to study the civil war and Colonial period. When you are aware of the things that Sri Lankan people went through it will make you remember them and the time you spent living in Sri Lanka more.

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