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The service-discovery part of DMARC implementation is made much simpler by Valimail, which provides a fully automated visibility service for no charge. Office 365 users can view all third-party service sending on their behalf and identify potential imposters. It removes the need for users to go through XML-based aggregate reports and attempt to figure out which IP addresses correspond to which clouds services. Valimail Monitor Office 365 is a clear, simple interface that displays the service list and their email volume in plain English.

Office 365 customers will have full visibility and all the information necessary to identify which services are authorized and legitimate. Once they have this information, they can confidently move their company to full DMARC Enforcement, where all unauthenticated traffic will be blocked. Valimail Enforce msp dmarc is an upgrade path that allows for full automation of DMARC enforcement.

Valimail is a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association member and provides a free service to Office 365 users who wish to enjoy the benefits of DMARC Enforcement. DMARC enforcement combined with Office 365’s anti-spoofing or anti-phishing capabilities will effectively stop a large number of phishing attempts. Valimail Monitor provides a list of all senders to your domain in two weeks. The list will be updated as DMARC notifications continue to come in. It can also show you from where emails sent to your domain came from. Is your Brazil office or server not available? You might need to flag a phisher who is trying to impersonate your brand.

With the Valimail dashboard you will have all the intelligence you need about who is sending you email from your domain. Partners of all sizes will be able to profit from our MSP partner program. You’ll have the opportunity to work with dedicated sales and technical personnel, along with white glove onboarding.

We support you with technical and sales resources, deal registration, conflict management, and training facilitation. Our services include POC (Proof Of Concept) customization as well POT (Proofof Technology) deployment to show the effectiveness of DMARC reports for your clients.

It is difficult to manage all the messages streams and their authentication. Multichannel email is a common feature of enterprise email systems. These channels can be used for marketing, corporate or other purposes. The additional complexity of email server authentication support may be added by third parties who forward your emails. To ensure you can block spam and fraudulent email, your DMARC deployment group must take this into consideration. DMARC Analyzer was one of the first to implement DMARC. It has been providing support for customers ever since the introduction in 2012 of the DMARC Standard.

Our DMARC experts and project management specialists will help you manage your DMARC projects, mitigate risks, and allow you to safely block spam emails without affecting your marketing channels, transactions, or other email channels. Monitoring and reporting will help ensure that the project and deployment are successful. It will enable you to monitor and control all emails sent for your domain.

Managed Services allows DMARC Analyzer to be an extended DMARC team that protects all domains. A DMARC specialist is available for expert advice and support. We are available to assist you with message level details, forensic investigation, and support in the case of email phishing. This will help your incident response team identify the source and size of the attack, and provide insight on other indicators of compromise.

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