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For most people, it is a sensory shock to have to endure an Orange County jail sentence. If you have never been to Orange County jail, the first 3-12 hour period is often the most painful because it takes away all that modern life has provided. No personal phone, open Internet access, no cable TV, or music, and no way to make any decisions (eating, sleeping, etc.) as someone else made them. It’s okay to laugh – a corporate executive may pay to have the same “retreat” experience. However, it is not by choice. They are also able to interact with other people and the food is better if they intend to climb Mt. Everest (cups of noodles at 17,000ft).

Yes, this is when many people make temporary arrangements to release their case or get out of jail. But what if your family is unable to bail you out? Perhaps your friends and family decide to let you go in hopes of an unexpected detox. You will remain in the courtroom until orange county jail your arraignment.

You will be assigned to one of the three long term Orange County facilities. It can last anywhere from 30-60 days to 90 days. You’ll have a better understanding of “life liberty and the pursuit for happiness”, even though it is the most dangerous jail environment. You are a number.

Prescription medications for any medical condition (insulin, allergies etc.) must be identified. At the time of booking or intake, all prescription medications for medical conditions (insulin and allergies) must be identified. Based on your prescription information, all medication requirements can be fulfilled by the clinics located in each of the Orange County jails. They will either accept your medical alert card or tag, or arrange to contact your doctor and order the necessary medication if they are not in stock. When you are in the system to serve a sentence, you can update your records and get notarized copies of any relevant medical records. All medications are administered and received at the dispensary.

After this, phone privileges are granted to special phones within the jail that can only be accessed between meals and visiting. Calls from these phones will be placed “collectly” to the individual you are calling. You will also be identified by your booking number. They will ask you to enter your number and inmate/booking numbers. You can also personalize the message by adding your name.

Only new magazines and books may be ordered from an approved distributor. A clear invoice detailing the purchase, recipient, contents, and shipping cost must accompany each order. A shipping package cannot be returned to an inmate or repackaged. An inmate may only have five books or magazines at one time. No pages or articles can be removed. Amazon, Costco and Barnes and Noble all ship this way.

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