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Future and Options market trading started way back in the 19th Century, and official trading in this market began in 1848 when the Chicago Board of trade was established. Trading in the Future and Options is considered a bit risky, as the concept has a misconception in the traders’ minds. The thinking which prevails in the sense of the traders is due to the lack of insight into the market, and because of the insufficient data, they suffer losses in all of their trading strategies. So if you still have any misconceptions about Futures and Options trading, do join the company and earn profit 期指買賣.

Allotting the right to buy or sell something in the future is the main gist of the Options market. When one gets a call option in Dow index future options, he’s buying the right to purchase that Dow future at a particular price (called ‘strike price’) and time (called ‘expiration date’) in the future. Trading in Futures and Options can be explained by the following points, which could be helpful for traders. Today many traders are successfully trading in the Future and Options market.

Traders pay a ‘premium’ to buy an option in the future. The choice is rendered worthless on the expiration date if the futures and options market doesn’t make the option’s strike price. The end will be given to the trader at the specific strike price if the futures and options markets do not reach the option’s strike price on the expiration date. Due to the increased liquidity in options, traders were taking a setback in this field of trading. But a revolution was created when in 1977, Options puts were initiated in the Chicago Board of Trade. Later on, NYSE and NASDAQ began to be traded in equity option contracts, and due to all these, the trading in Future and Options gained a great deal, of popularity. It was only because of High Liquidity and Great Leverage.

Future and Options market is concerned with. One of the advisories is having their premium services in this market which is known for the accuracy in Future calls known as CapitalHeight Financial Services. The calls given by them in the Future section have an accuracy rate of more than 85-90%, and daily more than 4-5 calls are provided with the first target yielding up to 1500/- and the second up to 1800-2000, and the third target yielding about 2500-3000/- rupees with a fixed stop loss of about 2500/-. On the other hand, if we talk about the Option calls, they are two categories in which they are given Nifty Option, and Stock Option-15-16 calls are provided in a month in this section with an accuracy rate of above 90%.

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