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Self-care is often recommended by nutrition and sleep advice. Other suggestions include taking walks in the nature, having “me time”, using relaxation techniques and spending more time with friends. This includes more sensual practices such as bathing and pampering with luxury beauty products.

We miss the point by prescribing activities. Self-care involves identifying what you need, what your unique strategies are for boosting and draining energy. Each case will be different, and often by a large margin. Extroverts may find that what energizes them can drain introverts. We are better pilots in our lives if we know what our feelings feel like. It is important to distinguish between being self care package caught in a particular feeling and becoming aware of the feeling.

To know our emotions, objective self-observation becomes essential. Self-observation involves stepping away from the experience, and cultivating a conscious thought hovering above it rather than getting entangled. The two best tools to improve emotional intelligence are Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Express. You can log your feelings throughout the day in order to increase awareness, and to become more aware of your emotional triggers.

This exercise allows clients to explore their emotions in response to imaginary experiences. The Emotional Expression exercise gives clients an easy and useful way to express their emotions to others. This is a great strategy to cope with stress. It is important to take care of yourself. This includes eating well and getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, paying attention our breath, as well as being kind with ourselves.

We should not prescribe specific activities for our clients. To different people, self-care can mean very different things. Self-care, as the ancient Asians knew very well, is about managing your energy. In order to achieve this, it is important that we truly understand what drains and restores us. As psychologists or coaches, our job is to help clients become aware of what they need. It is therefore essential to have a good understanding of yourself, which includes emotional intelligence. Yoga or knitting may help us refuel but kickboxing and kitesurfing are also good options.

Extroverts can energize themselves by spending time with other people, while introverts enjoy their own company. We should not encourage people to light candles or have bubble baths. Instead, we should help them understand what their needs are and find ways to satisfy them.

A proactive approach to your current and future well-being is to put together a collection of items that will help you ground yourself, improve your mood and encourage you to process your experiences. A self-care bag or kit is a great way to start your own self-care routine. You’re in the right place if you want to create your own DIY self care kit that is affordable, effective and filled with useful self-care items.

It is a must to give friends self-care boxes. When your friends feel stressed or are experiencing negative feelings like failure or helplessness, you know. You can be creative by sending them a package of self-care.

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