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These formulas may contain formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous ingredients. Although professional-grade keratin treatments may be available online, we strongly advise you not to purchase them. These formulas can be difficult for novice users and should not be purchased if labeled “professional use.” We recommend that you buy a recipe without formaldehyde specifically for home use.

While the results won’t be as strong as professional products, you are less likely to get serious health problems from misusing them. It is not worth risking your hair and health. Garwood recommends doing a patch test 48 hours before applying any chemical product to your scalp, including any formaldehyde-free protein treatment.

A patch test is more focused on addressing any possible reactions you might have to the treatment. While strand testing (which you may have already heard of with highlighting your hair) is used to assess the results of the hair. She says a patch test can tell you if any ingredients are Best Hair For Brazilian Blowout allergic. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to test it. Apply it to your inner wrist, but not near your throat, to see if it causes a reaction. For medical advice, immediately contact your doctor if you notice any skin irritations or burns.

Duenas advises us to start with the back sections when applying your treatment. To weave small sections of hair, you’ll use the pointed end of your color brush like a tail comb. Begin by slicing thin, diagonally-shaped sections from the top. Once you have painted the solution as you would with hair dye, lay the hair over to the opposite side. Duenas states that the thickness of your hair will determine the size of your subsections.

Start at the roots and work your way to the ends. Duenas explains that hair’s curliest and most dense part is the root. Next, use your comb to run the product down the hair shaft. The product should be spread to the ends, as they don’t need as much product as their roots.

These solutions are also very effective because a little goes quite a distance. You don’t have to get a lot of product onto your brush. Duenas says that you only need to make the hair feel wet again. Duenas states that the longer the product is left on, the flatter your hair will look. However, Duenas warns that if it’s gone on too long, other problems could occur. It is better to be cautious and confident when moving around.

Remember to remember the seriousness and dangers of what you are dealing with. If you feel any irritation to your scalp, dizziness, or hot sensations around the product’s application, consult a doctor immediately.

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