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Rundown your LCD TV’s careful make and model number on Craigslist, sit back, and pause. You may find that somebody may have that precise model and is prepared to drop it off at the landfill. On the off chance that you do choose to sell the bum TV, a sensible desire is about $0.10 to the dollar of a set’s present road value (ie: $500 utilized = $50 not working). Hello… it was cash you were going to hurl into the rubbish in any case.

“Marty Jennings, Tough Guy,” peruses home tv repair plaque on the counter at Jennings TV, a modest mechanics shop on First Avenue close to 55th Street.

The blurred nameplate was a client’s blessing to the proprietor, Marty Jennings, 68, as a tribute not to Mr. Jennings’ wisecracking character, however to his solidness as a local installation.

The shop, which has been open 60 years, is the size of a ship’s stateroom, with scarcely a walkway through a wide stock of little apparatuses, gadgets and equipment stacked almost multiple times the tallness of Mr. Jennings’ wiry casing.

He continually scrambles up a stepladder to get things, as he has since adolescence, when he started fixing sets and pretty much some other thing individuals acquired.

“I can fix anything,” he said. “Fixing things is my obsession. I love a test.”

He said his dad, William Jennings Morse, opened the first Jennings TV shop a few traffic lights away in 1946, utilizing Jennings for the name since it had a superior ring.Throughout the years, the child, whose given name is Martin Morse, has become referred to expertly as Jennings.

Business was great to such an extent that the present shop was opened in 1955 by Mr. Jennings’ mom, Ruth, who ran it six days every week until she passed on of a coronary episode subsequent to quitting for the day evening in 2007. (The principal shop shut in the mid 1960s.)

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