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Before you begin, look at the basics of cutting your hair at home. You only need an essential cutting tool, a hair comb, and some clips. Use guides and guards to help you navigate the cutting process. Do we need to say more? It would help if you didn’t use the kitchen shears of your kids’ school scissors. They’re not sharp enough to do what we want. The lob looks excellent on all faces and at all lengths. Even for those with curly hair, there’s a lob that suits everyone. You can do this hairstyle best if someone is with 6 Quick and Easy Hairstyles you. It’s best to keep the style simple. Section your hair into two parts, and don’t expect perfection. You can always have your stylist touch it later, but this is a more straight cut that will prevent you from “Tank Girling.” Dickey recommends that curly hair be brushed straight before you start.

Straight across is the easiest choice. Benson suggests center-paring your hair and tilting your neck down. Next, make two sections in your hair. Next, pin the top section. It should be a half ponytail. Next, cut straight across the lower area or make a point cut. When cutting the lower portion, make the same cut as the upper ponytail section.

Stacy Batalla Salva is the owner of KAS Studio in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She suggests you take extra precautions when doing an A-line lob. Let your assistant pull all of your hair back. Then, let them blow-dry or brush your hair so that they can place your hair in the middle. When your home stylist cuts, they will picture a smile or the semicircle-shaped portion of a bowl. They will then cut the hair. Batalla Salva states that you can create a cute lob by cutting your hair upside-down with a frown or smile.

A messy lob is delicate. Minor mistakes can be fixed later. The key to a perfect lob is styling. Point-check your hair while you are cutting. You can grab an inch from one side and pull it in the middle. Another great place to check is the middle. Pull to the back, just above each ear, to verify.

You may have seen this hairstyle in a 1990s sitcom or film on every babe. Young male heartthrobs would be the originators of the curtain bang, regardless if it were Leonardo DiCaprio’s flip or Jared Leto from My So-Called Life. The curtain style has been updated. It is now more face-framing wispy, and less flippy. This curtain version will cover most of your forehead, unlike the ’90s.

How you cut and style it is part of what makes it unique. It can be sexy, mysterious, and slightly mysterious, like Alexa Chand, or it can frame your face with girlish innocence, as Jennifer Garner did in 2019. You can create an entirely new look by just adding some framing hairs.

Batalla Salva suggests that you dry this hairstyle. The first step is deciding how big you want the bang and where it will fall. Batalla Salva states that the ideal distance to your widow’s peak is one to two feet. For a good idea of how long your curtain bangs should be, hold your charges straight in front and comb them evenly. Take them down and determine the place you want them.

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