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Take a look at yourself. Consider your fashion tastes, your favorite clothes and how you make them look. You must be confident about your choices. Any look can be achieved if you are comfortable with your choices. Find inspiration if you aren’t sure what your fashion tastes are. Get a magazine, or your smartphone and start browsing. You can browse articles, social media or Google. Kylie Jenner may be your next fashion icon for makeup and outfit suggestions!

It is important to find the right fit for you when shopping for an outfit. Tight, too-small, or oversized clothes can make your body look bulky or disfigured. These 5 body types Fashion Online Shop will help you decide what clothes are right for you.

Apple body shapes will show a prominent stomach and bust, while the waist is less obvious. You should pay attention to your waist, cleavages, legs, and vertical lines. For a defined waist, place a belt over your stomach. Shorts and v-necks will draw attention to your legs, upper body and upper arms. Avoid unwanted bumps along your sides by choosing drape clothes

Women with pear-shaped bodies have larger hips than their shoulders, wider thighs, and shorter legs than their upper bodies. They also have visible waistlines. Focus on your upper body to make clothes work for you. Your hips will be bare if you wear a brightly colored top with dark denim jeans. Wear dresses with the top half being tight, and the bottom half being loose. You can wear long coats or cardigans that hug your hips, but not too tight.

The inverted triangle body shape features small hips, great legs and the top half of the body is wider than the bottom. Also, shoulders are wider than the hips. The inverted triangle is different than the pear-shaped. It requires that you focus on your lower half. You can wear brightly colored pants and attractive shoes. Jackets that give structure to your shoulders are also recommended. Belts will help to define your waist.

People with an hourglass body have a large waist, big hips, and busts. For a stunning figure, dress in clothes that hug your body. Wear a fitted dress for night outs. Belted coats are a great way to show off your waist. To show your collarbone’s curves, wear scoops or v neck tops.

Rectangular body types have hips and shoulders that are roughly the same width as their busts. They also have smaller busts and less curves. Look for clothes that fit your body. To create curves, wear wide pants and a belt to the waist. Wear halter neck shirts to increase your bust volume. This gives your shoulders and back volume. Show off your favorite body part with pride if you love it! If you are passionate about your arms and back, go for sleeveless, or even backless tops. If your legs are attractive, you can be bold in an open front skirt. You’ll find more information on this later.

There are three types: neutral, cool, or warm. Red, orange, honeygold, amber, and yellow are all good options for warm-colored skin. Bright blue, deep shades purple, lavender and sapphire are best for those with cooler skin tones. Neutrals can be worn in soft roses, placid and light blues, as well as dusty pink. It is very helpful to use the color wheel when matching colors.

First, look at your veins. If your veins look green, you are warm-toned. If they are blue or purple you’re cooler-toned. If you can’t tell your veins’ colors apart, you’re neutral. If your complexion (or natural skin color) is olive, you can confirm this. The white paper test is another option if your veins are not showing up. Keep a piece of white paper close to your skin. If your skin appears yellow next to the paper, it’s warm. You are cool if your skin is rosy, pink or bluish-red. If none of the above are present, then you’re neutral.

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