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Who doesn’t need expert advice on how to manage their money? The most significant barrier to getting financial planning advice is the price. However, there are many ways to get free advice You can get answers to at least some of the money questions you have answered by experts, whether through one-on-one sessions with a financial advisor or robo-advisers. There are some caveats. There are some caveats.

Frank Pare, a Certified Financial Planner and founder of PF Wealth Management Group LLC in Oakland, Calif., says that “the disadvantage to consuming free, mass-produced advice in financial matters is that it is often too broad and fails to address each individual’s unique circumstances.”Pare states that mass-produced advice is still a good option for those who take the time to determine if it’s right for them. He says that time and an open mind are the keys to success.

Many online tools offer financial advice; in some cases, a significant portion is free. So-called robo-advisers can manage your investment portfolio, which usually includes guidance on the best investments that will meet your goals (just like live advisors, each company has its definition of “best”), automated rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting (selling stocks after they have fallen to recognize losses that can offset any taxable gains)

Pricing structures for Robo-advisers vary. Make sure to read the fine print. Personal Capital allows you to link all your financial accounts (retirement savings, bank account, etc.) by signing up. You can view your net worth and see how much you pay in investment fees through their online tool. You can also use the retirement planner to help you determine if you are on track. All of these tools are completely free.

Another example is SigFig, which offers account management free of charge for accounts with a minimum balance of $2,000 and a balance of up to $10,000. Wealthfront, Betterment, and RebalanceIRA are just a few other names operating in this space. LearnVest is an insurance company owned by Northwestern Mutual. These companies use algorithms to deliver their services. The advice is tailored to your situation but only to the extent that the algorithm understands it based on your online accounts and, in some cases, your responses to a short questionnaire. This tool can provide high-quality, free, or inexpensive advice. However, it may not fully recognize your financial picture.

The event usually takes place in October. Jon Dauphine is the executive director of the Foundation for Financial Planning. The Foundation for Financial Planning grants financial advice to nonprofits. However, these financial planning days could be held throughout the year in the future, according to Dauphine. Financial Planning Days will tell you when one is taking place near you. The website should also be updated soon for 2016, Dauphine states.

Pare believes that one-on-one advice is precious. These meetings are short. “If there are any questions after the financial planning session, there is no one to call that could generate a fee. You can also look online for portfolio management tools if you invest through an independent brokerage. Although you won’t get advice tailored to your particular situation, you can manage your money better if you are more knowledgeable about financial concepts.

Numerous community-based programs offer free financial advice. The San Francisco LGBT Center offers classes on budgeting, home-buying, and other topics. EARN, a San Francisco-based organization, helps low-income individuals save for specific goals such as purchasing a home, financing a college education, or starting a company.

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