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Understanding the statistics on cell phones and driving and facts about texting while driving can help you and your family manage this risk.

Statistics and facts show that multitasking while behind the wheel, including texting or using a cell phone is a dangerous practice. While driving, talking or texting or even checking social media or posting on Facebook while driving can take your eyes off of the road. Cell phone usage can be deadly, especially for teens who lack driving experience and skills.

Parents need to ensure that teens are aware of the importance of focused driving. This means the driver must be constantly attentive. Family commitment to not using distracting devices when driving. This includes texting while driving or checking social media.

Avoid calling your teen while he is driving. Ask to be called when you arrive at your destination and before you leave. Teens may be compelled by a parent to respond if they receive a call or text while driving.

Set the “do no disturb” default setting to a teenager’s mobile phone. Apple has added a feature to IOS that allows drivers to be distracted while driving. The phone will send automated messages when it detects that you are driving and not warn the driver. Apple Support can help you set up this feature.

Journal of Adolescent Health research also suggests that young adults can be encouraged to refrain from texting while driving. Participants aged 18-25 years old reduced their self-reported driving while texting by 6 weeks of an interactive text messaging program.

We’ll get it out in the open: Many people are using portable devices, primarily phones but also gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, while they sit on the toilet. It’s likely that you are reading this article while on the loo.

Surprisingly, there have only been a handful of surveys conducted. One survey conducted earlier this year by NordVPN found that 65% (of the 9,800 adult respondents surveyed) admitted to using their phone in the bathroom. It also feels like anecdotal evidence. It’s not a recent habit; for years, people kept magazines and books next to the porcelain throne. It’s only natural that, with the ever-smaller devices we carry in our pockets and on our personas, they would be used in quiet moments.

Nir Eyal is an author, lecturer, and expert on human behavior, habits and focus. People who use their phones in the restroom and those who lie to others about using their phones in the toilet are two different types of people. In October there was an interesting shift in the mood, triggered by “Marvel Snap,” which is a card game that can be played on smartphones and tablets.

With the best car mount, your phone will no longer be a distraction and become a helpful tool for your journey. It’s helpful to mount the extra screen, even if you have a car with a sophisticated infotainment unit. This will allow for a clear view and safety.

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