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A micro-influencer has between 100 and 500 followers on a social media channel. Brands approach them to work on influencer marketing campaigns. If this is you, and you want to be a micro-influencer, then we have some tips to help you get started. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit your job, but this is an opportunity to create a side business, learn new skills, partner with brands you love, and grow your followers organically. Transitioning from a personal profile to a micro-influencer or micro-personal profile can prove challenging. Sometimes influencers make the mistake of losing the shapes touched on accommodating their new business agenda. Your first 1,000 followers will be your most loyal. They’ll also be your most engaged.

Scrunch will support you in your journey to becoming a micro-influencer. It would be best if you kept yourself close. Value yourself. Do not delete the photos micro influencer of your grandma with you. Instead, be true to yourself and remember who, what, where, how, and why you follow others. Influencer marketing depends on authentic, transparent, and genuine influencers. People who are honest with themselves and their brand will be the most successful. It is essential to start the foundation for your influencer profile in this phase of your journey. You will be able to keep your identity and what motivated you to begin in the first place.

Experience is the key to success. As an intern eager to learn, micro-influencers must be open to working with brands consistent with theirs. To build their portfolio, micro-influencers will often give up pay initially and seize any opportunity. It doesn’t mean that you should always work for free. We don’t condone it, regardless of how many followers you have! However, it does suggest that you be flexible and willing to work with a brand’s budget. Additionally, consider the longer-term benefits of a partnership, as these are far more valuable than any small payments that “would be nice” now.

As with all good things, you only get what you put in. Working with a brand and going above and beyond for their product or service is in everyone’s best interests. Everyone benefits if they put 110% into their content and collaboration. Spending time on content creation, writing informative blog posts, and adding personal touches will make a big difference. You will become more influential, create content your audience enjoys, and get a place in the brand’s good books.

Aiming to be a micro-influencer is the most important thing. Do two if the brief only asks for one post or a story. Send your brand your images and ask them to tag you on social media. Make sure you give the brand a positive experience. Once you’ve established contact with a brand, be professional, friendly, and present. Brands have tight deadlines. Influencers who respond to emails quickly are in the Hall of Fame.

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