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This instrument is fantastic for light-duty crossing of grass clippings and dry leaves from hard surfaces, including a patio, walkway, and drive. Its light weight makes it a joy to use for all these functions, where there is no sense with a heftier, heavy duty machine. This is really a minor criticism, but this instrument utilizes a roller button to correct its air output. We prefer easy trigger-adjusted air rate.

The DeWalt is strong, but battery powered leaf blower that, we also enjoy its firmly locking nozzle if it does take a key. Its low centre of gravity keeps the instrument from being easily tipped over when put down. It is a little heavy, and its own airstream could be concentrated.

The Greenworks is the lightest and most compact of this back pack blowers we analyzed. In its Turbo setting, the blower’s airstream creates a powerful leaf-moving zone (the external edges of the airstream seem to be less successful ).

The device also scored high marks for its comfortable and highly adjustable shoulder straps, manage relaxation, along with the 90-degree elbow which connects the impeller casing to the elastic blower tube. The elbow allows the mill tube to pivot up, so it consumes less space when kept in the garage or shed.

The high-efficiency brushless motor with variable-speed controller produces 260-575 CFM and can be four times quieter than petrol blowers. The mill is well balanced, and the shoulder strap prevents fatigue through long spans.

Do not be duped by the DeWalt’s low air rate. It is well-shaped and effective. It carves its way through debris, and we discovered it was simple to use in a sweeping movement to brush leaves apart.

Its short run period, however, indicates that the instrument is used on small patches of leaves or even for tasks like construction-site cleanup or sweeping the garage out. Its layout for these functions is clear, judging from the hefty slide plate beneath the mill casing and battery which should help this instrument defy rough-and-tumble use.

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