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AJAX Systems is an alarm system that does not require a lot of money, but it is certainly not an entry-level system. Although you can put together and install the system yourself, many companies and shops can help you. AJAX Systems recommends that the installation be done professionally to ensure everything works correctly. We Dutch, however, prefer to save money, so we often do it ourselves.

We decided to install it ourselves to understand better how simple or hard this is. Let’s get to the point. It is simple. You should only call an installer if you are 100% certain that the sensors are in the right places and provide the best signal. Although you can test the app and Ajax security systems see all of this, verifying everything in your house is impossible.

You will need the app before you mount or install it. AJAX apps are available for download on both iOS and Android. Once you have downloaded it, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will be guided through the process of adding a hub. You can use the app to navigate the whole app in Dutch. However, the manuals of each product are in English.

Connect the hub and follow the steps to set it up. The corner is the device that offers the most settings options. The manual should be read carefully. With many products, I skip this step. But in this instance, it is highly recommended to sit down. There are many settings and options that you can adjust. This will let you know your alarm system and how it works. You can set the communication protocol between the hub and the outside world (WiFi ethernet SIM, SIM), change geofencing settings, create security plans (when the alarm should be on or off), add an alarm center to gain access, and many other options. Many advanced settings can control the communication between sensors, the hub, or between the seat and the outside world. We’ll look closely at a few basic settings in the next section.

Once the hub is activated, it’s possible to add sensors or other products. The process is almost identical for all sensors and products. Once you have indicated in the app that you would like to add a device, the app scans the QR code on the device or the box. Each machine is then added with the push of a button. The app requires you to create rooms and assign various products and sensors to specific rooms. However, we have not encountered any problems. We recommend that you spend an hour focusing on the task at hand. This prevents errors and makes sure everything is added correctly to the app.

You can set the sensors and devices immediately after you have added them. You can, for example, indicate how long you want the alarm to sound before entering or exiting (wait a few seconds) and tick whether you want the sensor to work in night mode or with a full warning. Also, enter the name and the place where the sensor is located. There are additional options that may be available depending on the product. Make sure to read the manual.

Once everything is installed and functioning correctly, it is time for you to add the products. Give. Please read the manual. Each sensor operates on its manner, and specific requirements must be met to provide optimal security and signal quality. The motion detector should be placed at an elevation of 2.40m. However, it should be mounted at an exterior height of 80cm. It is essential to consider whether the walkway is used.

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