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Good morning Vietnam. It’s almost 36 years since the war ended that gave us the movie. How different it sounds! The South China Sea is visible below. You’re on Hon Tam, which means Silkworm Island, one of many coastal islands. The bungalow is made from wood and has a traditional, simple design. You can relax and forget all the stress of traveling. You can get from the mainland to Nha Trang Bay in just seven minutes by motorboat.

The Hon tam Nha Trang Resort is the island’s only development. It was built from the ground up to be environmentally responsible. It is powered by solar- and wind-powered electricity and rainwater. After decomposing the boat, you can sail to other islands on the resort’s yacht. It has a chef and dive equipment for those who are less adventurous. Lang Chai is a floating village that doubles as a seafood shop for serious foodies.

You can choose your lobster, snapper, or crab from the deep cove. Then, you will travel by small boat to a restaurant where you will be served your fish of choice and a cold beer. This perfect combination of creature comforts with outstanding location–pampering Vietnamese style. This full-day tour will take you to Nha Trang Bay, where you’ll see the natural beauty of Vietnam.

You can also relax on the island in a mineral hot spring, take a mud bath, and swim in the clear waters. You’ll be served lunch during your ocean adventure and get the opportunity to visit the Green Oasis. Before returning to the mainland, you can relax on the beautiful beaches and explore the island. After picking up your hotel, you will travel to Cau Da Pier to board a speedboat. Then, you’ll cruise into Nha Trang Bay and board a speedboat to reach Hon Tam Island for a natural spa experience.

Ziro Valley is a charming and unassuming settlement in Arunachal Pradesh’s remote highlands. It is a secret spot with beautiful meadows on one side and mountains on the other. This valley is home to the Apatani tribe from Arunachal Pradesh, and is well-known for its paddy farming. Another notable outdoor event is the Ziro music festival. It is held every year in this valley.

An island-hopping adventure is an excellent idea if you are looking for an exciting and fun trip. There are many islands worth visiting. Each island is different and offers something unique. If you are interested, you can have a safe, exciting, and fun island-hopping trip. People are discouraged from traveling because they may interact with others and not keep social distance. It isn’t easy to distance yourself from a crowd in crowded tourist destinations socially. It is possible to do this when island hopping. These islands are often empty, and few people are onboard the boat.

It’s almost like being on an island but away from all the noise and hustle of the city. Even if you only stay for a few days, relaxing is possible. Sometimes, a day at the beach is not enough. You might find it difficult to relax when you see all the tourists. You can relax on the islands and get away from everything. You deserve a break if you have been too busy at work for the past months.

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