Many people are hesitant to take a yoga class, even if they have a real interest. There is an anxiety that their inexperience will embarrass them in a room full of people who are more flexible…Truthfully, no one is paying attention to how far you forward fold;  Yoga is an individual practice where everyone focuses to what is happening on their own mat. My Yoga classes are non-judgmental and non-competitive in nature; we are ALL learning.
Namaste’, Melinda


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About Me

A dedicated teacher and student of yoga, Melinda is committed to providing safe and welcoming classes where students can explore the benefits of yoga and challenge themselves in a non-judgmental space. 


Current classes are held on Monday AM and PM, and Wednesday PM at RecYard Fitness. Check here for schedules and how to sign up for class.




Contact me if you have any questions about yoga, classes, or special events. I am always open to discuss new experiences for teaching and co-teaching workshops!