Welcome to NileDB Platform

NileDB Data Backend

Welcome to NileDB, an open-source Data Backend written in Java and based on PostgreSQL & GraphQL.

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Easy Data Management

Model & Admin tools on top of PostgreSQL

NileDB provides web tools for managing your data on top of PostgreSQL, the most advanced open source database.

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Secure GraphQL API

Dynamically generated GraphQL API

NileDB Core dynamically generates a GraphQL API on top of your PostgreSQL database to let you integrate your front-end apps with your data in an easy, quick, secure, and scalable way.



NileDB provides the required foundations to manage, secure, and leverage your data.

NileDB diagram Flows & IoT Core


NileDB will provide visual tools to ease the data management and to evolve with current dynamic environment changing requirements.


NileDB provides a security model based on roles, permissions, security policies, and other mechanisms in order to protect the critical data.


NileDB is based on current mature technologies that enables you to grow with your business requirements.


NileDB's headless approach allows you to integrate your front-end apps and your other systems using a flexible and clear GraphQL API.


NileDB flexible by nature allows you to dynamically change your API as your business requirements evolves in near real-time.

Open Source

We believe in Open Source. Our platform is completely Open Source. Visit us in GitHub.

Full featured

NileDB will provide a wide range of features (i.e. Data-flow based integration, Deep learning, Time series analysis, Business processes, Blockchain, Natural language, ...).

Broad application

NileDB is a general platform that can be applied to a wide variety of use cases from several industries.

Feedback appreciated

We love to hear from you. We would like to get your feedback to evolve NileDB.

Visit us on GitHub.