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Starting Crowdsale
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May 25, 2018
17,000,000 SGB
June 25, 2018
Listed on June 09, 2018

Bonus Prices Start Date End Date
7% $1000 = 1250 SGB May. 25, 2018 June. 04, 2018
7% $1000 = 1110 SGB June. 05, 2018 June. 14, 2018
7% $1000 = 1000 SGB June. 15, 2018 June. 25, 2018


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About Us

In 2017, over 2 billion adults and up to 39% of total global population still have no bank account, this figure is even higher in developing countries.
If including those in countries with average income and developing countries, the number of people without banks account will increase over 3 million.
Let's access into financial tools like credit card Digital payment provides solutions for thousands of people participating in finance. Small and medium enterprises (MSMs).
The local food suppliers, petrol stations, telephone booths, line chains for almost everyone account for over 6.5 thousand billion dollars in transactions annually. However, less than 10% among traders accepts digital payment. Moreover; the current financial equipment keeps reducing digital payment for MSMs. Final sources relating to the application processes in payment is not effective, the past connection is not good and the fee for paying by card is so high which proves for weakness in cash activities. Blockchain technology and cryto arithm now provide chances to change these. SIGABIT aims to take advantage of advanced technology to develop basic transferring assets via coding source. In that way SIGABIT provides tools for small businesses and their customers in developing countries to update digital technology.

Sigabit is a platform for connecting new technology ideas and providing financing to realize the feasible idea from startups around the world. We will support the technology as well as the funds so that entrepreneurs can make the best use of their ideas. SIGABIT ‘s aim is to help billions of dollars circulate better and become a better part of globally financial system and more equally.

Sigabit Coin & PoCNode

BTC rewards blocks: Coding process is so costly. An operator must pay for the cost running full node with his own money. When system develops, it takes more from operators , which leads to a number of coding process reduce by time.

System divided into 3 blocks of reward, a model : better motivation for owners community. 
SGB reward block: Coding process ís not problem, this expense is supported by block rewards when full running of node become beneficial. The amount of coding process reduce by time.

PoCNode Network: POCNode helps to operate the Sigabit system as the basis of ecosystem platforms. The POCNode network helps to avoid inflation, increasing the value of investor assets, increasing the value of other platforms, the value of other ecosystems as they integrate with the Sigabit platform.

To become a POCNode Network, there are different levels of maintenance in the system, but you only need to have at least 500 Sgb Coins in your wallet. A block reward (the reward is extracted from the transaction cost of the Node and the Miner around the world) will be split into your POCNode. 

We are trusted

Our Core Services

Startup Platform

We built a completely closed ecosystem for investors where traditional online traders could make an easy leap into blockchain and crypto investors. both financially on the same platform. Sigabit Ecosystem is the foundation of creativity, ideas and a source of funding for new startups in the world, thus forming a closed-loop ecosystem. At present, there are few platforms that can be compared with Sigabit.

Analyzer of the News

The Sigabit ecosystem will be polished by a news portal designed to support investors with timely market news, technical analysis, financial updates and a plethora of tools which will enhance their market knowledge. The portal will be available online for viewer from across the globe.

Technology Platform

One of our members is a partner providing, developing software, outsourcing and securing the international financial system. The software that we have implemented: the development of security systems to combat the fraud of the stock market broker - foreign exchange of the United States. The mining of coins, tokens, digital car payment apps, intelligent applications are integrated into self-propelled vehicles, applications are integrated into smart homes that can operate on their own, no need for human interaction. Security systems of digital money trading, security systems of the world's leading banks.


Sigabit mining is the process by which new Sigabit are generated. Sigabit can be mined with CPU/GPU and does not need an ASIC miner like Bitcoin does. If you want to earn Sigabit through mining, you will require CPU/GPU.


AppStore for retail cryptocurrency software and solutions Own decentralized server infrastructure Third-party integrations – Easy!. Sigabit's goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service that encompasses the best ideas from the entire community of the world's best blockchain enthusiasts.

Crypto Trading Platform

Our aim is to make purchasing, exchanging and using cryptocurrencies in payments simple. Payment processor - enables payments in cryptocurrencies within the system. Exchange office - enables fast exchange of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. Exchange - each platform user has an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies with other users and to receive the payments in any currency.

Our Roadmap

(*) Q = Quarter



Trading market Sigabit Cryptocurrency.


Integrated liquidity Sigabit Binary Options.


Benefit from Forex Market potentials and our unique Partnership programs.

Enjoy high commissions and continuous support to grow your business.

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Sigabit P2P Money Transfer + E-wallet.


Sigabit Restaurant Mobile Point of Sale.


Sigabit Crypto Micro Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Sigabit over other blockchain application platforms?

Most blockchain application platforms ignore the laws and infrastructure that individuals and businesses must follow in the real world. The Sigabit Platform actively works within this infrastructure, allowing legally binding contracts to operate in tandem with smart contracts. Moreover, Sigabit doesn’t offer anonymous features, meaning that all transactions and business on the platform are conducted in a transparent manner. This transparency prevents governments, businesses, NGOs or any other party from misusing their funds without being seen. Illegal businesses cannot operate on the Sigabit network, as their identities are registered with elected agents. Regulation of crypto as a whole has ramped up and will only continue as crypto becomes mainstream. Sigabit is one of very few that have prepared for this inevitability from the beginning. Most importantly, sigabit prioritizes community focused decentralization. Thanks to our self-regulated economy, anyone who has stake in the network through POCnodes that can impact the direction of the Sigabit Platform by voting on proposals for changes to the network or to fund new projects. Every voice in the Sigabit network is important, and no alterations can be made without the community’s approval.

What are Sigabit proposals?

Sigabit proposals are suggestions and ideas from members of the community. Anyone can bring forth a new proposal by submitting it to the network for a small fee (25 SGB), and they can be almost anything. New projects, network improvements, platform updates and marketing strategies are the most common types of proposals submitted to the Sigabit network. Community members with innovative ideas can leverage this proposal system to have those ideas funded or incorporated into the network.

Where can I view proposals?

You can view current proposals at any time. Please contact us: info@sigabit.com /sigabit.com

What is Sigabit?

Sigabit is a self-sustainable blockchain application platform that creates an ecosystem to build and run new economy applications. The platform effectively acts as a cooperative governance structure—a network of cloud businesses that allows companies to operate on highly secure servers called POCnodes. Sigabit provides the legal framework and identity verification from business administrators and application providers to ensure a safe, transparent marketplace. Lastly, Sigabit serves as a support structure for new projects that foster social and technological innovation. Participants can use the Sigabit Proposal System to share and fund ideas or initiatives, leveraging the blockchain’s marketing and governance network to maintain a healthy system. Sigabit is is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

What is a POCnode?

A POCnode is a server on the Sigabit network that will host new economy applications At the same time, it also becomes the basis of services in the digital money-related ecosystem. Realization of projects, financial services and the foundation of the future. These servers connect to the Sigabit network by running the platform’s software. Cloud businesses and applications run on these servers, and are connected to the Sigabit Platform through an API (application program interface). Through POCnodes, individuals and organizations can employ the Sigabit blockchain as a payment service or as cryptographic proof of data integrity. The community is incentivized to run POCnodes as they receive SGB in block rewards whenever they help process a new block and will have voting rights in the near future. POCnodes do not need have a dedicated IP address and run 24/7. Note: Establishing a POCnode requires 500 SGB as collateral.

How does the Sigabit Governance System work?

Stakeholders in the network with 500 SGB running a POCnodes receive voting rights in the network. When a member of the community submits a proposal to fund their project or make network changes, voters can cast their ballots. If the proposal passes, the project or network change will be set into motion. Engine basic has 3 level: 1. POCnode holding 500 Sgb: will have 18% / year (R.O.I) 2. POCnode holding 1000 Sgb: will have 24% / year (R.O.I) 3. POCnode holding 2000 Sgb: will have 36% / year (R.O.I)

Our Distribution

Coin Allocation

More Coin Info

17 Million Sigabit coin open coding source SHA 256
Anti inflation Mining maximum 3 million coins in only p resale period in May-2018
Publicize coding source Completing procedures to be on Coinmarketcap
If possible during Research & Development we willuse the SBG Coin as added incentive to build developer community support to reduce costs.

Sigabit believes the world will be a better place with opening payment solutions and identifications to connect traders and consumers.


Sigabit unlike bitcoin, can supply holders in the form of interest accounts for supporting it structure


Choosing where bitcoin gave up completing Satoshi vision on system of electronic money








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SIGABIT is developed based on the Bitcoin foundation, even more advanced, SIGABIT uses the same DNA of Bitcoin protocols, so it's available for integrating ecology systems built on and around Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not still perfect. SIGABIT uses all technologies that Bitcoin has used and expands them. From privacy to speed of transactions, capacity of management, supply capital, most of all is the structure of motivation. SIGABIT commits to comply with all authorities completely in activities to run smoothly, with strict procedures about customers and anti - money launders.